4.5 stars on Apple App Store

Simplz: Zoo is a fun puzzle game where you take charge and personalize not only your own zoo, but also the game play itself!


Each animal exhibit and building you purchase comes with a different power-up, token, or item, which will be added to the puzzle levels. The more animals and exhibits you purchase, the more items and power-ups appear in the match-3 puzzle game.

Simplz: Zoo also features a variety of different types of match-3 puzzle games including the typical clearing of boxes and chains, as well as Simplz: Zoo’s unique path levels where you will need to make matches in front of an animal in order for it to reach its goal. Diagonal matches have also been added and we promise they will forever change the way you look at match-3 puzzle boards!


  • Over 90 different animals to discover!
  • 7 Different zoos to unlock!
  • Interesting animal facts to learn!
  • Whimsical animations to make you smile!
  • Universal application for both your smartphone and tablet!
  • Eye-popping Retina display graphics!
  • Hours and hours of free fun to be had!


Simplz: Zoo is an undeniably habit-forming mashup of match-three puzzling and zoo simulation, and it lasts long enough to ensure you get your fill. Don’t miss it.

Chad Sapieha, GameZebo

This is the most fun game I’ve played in a very long time. It is a great way to combine a match 3 game with a SIM game. I still cannot believe it was free!

Gary Oberto, Apple App Store