Air Patriots

4.5 stars on Google Play

A New Kind of Defense Game is here!


Air Patriots is a new kind of defense game with unique and novel game play, and “towers” that take flight!

In Air Patriots, you control a squadron of planes by drawing the paths they will follow to engage the enemy! Unlike normal defense games, in Air Patriots all your weaponry is mobile, allowing you to change up tactics on the fly and move your “towers” to where they’re needed most!

Prepare your defenses for when the combat gets fierce by leveling-up planes and collecting gears that will both unlock new battlefields and add new unique aircraft to your armada. Score high enough to receive a medal of honor on the Rookie, Pro, and Veteran levels of each map and you’ll unlock one of the 100 wave survival levels that will challenge your strategies to the fullest.

Air Patriots features beautiful rich visuals, over 50 achievements, an awesome music score, and nearly endless hours of fun!


  • Unique new kind of Defense game!
  • Hopelessly addictive!
  • 7 Unique maps (3 are free!)
  • A wide variety of unique planes!
  • Challenging gameplay that isn’t punishing!
  • Over 50 achievements to earn!
  • Features Full HD graphics for iOS & Android high pixel density devices (e.g: iPad 3/4/Mini, iPhone 4/5 and Kindle Fire HD)